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You're looking for the best sports betting site to place Sports bets online, mobile iPhone or Android, with a reputable sports betting site with Bonus Offers. One of the dominant online sports betting site is mybookie. They have up-to-date live lines, the most attractive odds and the most competitive spreads of any online sports betting sites. But not only do you get sports betting you also can enjoy horse betting and the live online casino. So while you're waiting for the team's you bet on to win you can relax and play some blackjack roulette video poker or slots. Use promo code IQSPORTS to get a 100% match sign up bonus


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Truely the legit stress-free online Sports betting involvement. This Site Has sports Betting, horse racing And casino games. They have fantastic customer service available 24/7 to help you with anything. Xbet also offers its players incentives in the form of the best daily bonuses and special promotions. New to the line up is a live dealer casino with all the casino games you love to play.

Sports Betting And Horse Racing

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Horse betting in sports betting go hand-in-hand. Said no one. Most people you bet on sports don't usually bet on horse racing. That's because it's too different kettles of fish. But on the off-chance you enjoy betting on horse racing and sports betting this is the site for you. With the CFB and NFL season just around the corner and Saratoga and Delmar race tracks running at the same time this is the great opportunity define those long-shot bets that we all wait for the Stars to align the hit that big payday. Don't wait get started sign up bet big to win big. Follow that hunch, bet the underdog, hammer the long shot and then go out and buy something nice.

Sports Betting Sign Up Bonus

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Point Spread Betting

Betting The Spread, is the number worked out by a bookmaker that they think will even out the betting when one team is better than another. The negative value (-9.5) means the team is the favored by 9.5 points. The positive value (+9.5) indicates an underdog of 9.5 points. In this case, the favored team must win by at least 10 points to cover the spread. The underdog team can lose by 9 points and still cover the spread. So if you bet the underdog and they lose by 7 points you still win. But if the team favoured wins by 10 points you lose.

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Money Line Betting

Mostly used in hockey and baseball wagering , basketball moneylines are popular for picking underdogs. There is no point spread in the moneyline bet. The team or person you bet HAS to win the game. The negative value indicates the favorite, point spread (-180) and the positive value is the underdog (+160).

The Total

Or the over/under, it is how many points the bookmaker feel will be scored. It’s the over under number of points of both teams combined. For example, if you you wagered on an NFL Game and the bookmaker has 35 points as the total you have to bet will it be over or under 35 points.

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Futures Betting

Future Betting (such as which team will win the Super Bowl is called future betting. Bookmakers will update future odds all the time throughout the year. Example: the NFL top team could be +170 to win the championship. This means a $100 bet paying out a $170 if that team wins. A lousy team might be +2000, making a $100 wager pay out a huge $2,000 known as a longshot.

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Football Betting

With the Football Betting season starting (NFL And College Football) what does the IQ smart bettor look for? The answer is MONEY PLAYS ! What is a Money Play? It’s when you see something not a lot of purple see. The inside edge or obtuse angle you can use to get an advantage for more winning bets

Horse Betting

The great thing about horse betting is that it’s year round and you usually only have to wait a month (or less) to hammer your favorite horse with that BIG ASS Bet. Race tracks are all over the United States , Canada, UK, Ireland, Dubai and South Africa and online you can bet them all.

Online Casinos

Who doesn’t love going to a casino? The only thing better than that is playing casino games on your way to work, on the toilet, while you’re fishing or just relaxing watching TV. All the best teams are available for roulette to slots, for craps to video poker,